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The reliable sealant

for composting tunnels and growing rooms

Impermea creates products to make composting tunnels and growing rooms resistant against high air humidity and temperture. The Impermea coating system consist of a primer, topcoat and basecoat. The combination of these three creates reliable solution.


The Impermea® Primer serves as a foundation layer for the Impermea® coating system. The Primer is applied upon porous surfaces such as concrete and gas concrete walls or ceilings. Primer is a grey liquid and creates a strong base layer with good bonding characteristics.

Base coat

The Impermea® Base Coat is applied in high humidity and temperature environments. The product is resistant against high air humidity and temperature and can be applied as a vapor and moisture- tight finishing of mushroom growing rooms and/or composting tunnels. Base Coat is a completely vapor-proof, semi-fluid white paste, dispersed in water. This coating forms after drying a permanent elastic rubber-like layer.

Top coat

Impermea® Top Coat forms a permanent protection against water, chemical and corrosive products. Once applied the walls and floors are easy washable and keep their protective strength. Top coat is a red-brown liquid and applied as a finish and wear-resistant layer on floors and walls of composting tunnels.

Polyester Fibre

The Impermea® Polyester Fibre is used when shrinkage or tensions may occur on joints in walls and/or ceilings in growing rooms and composting tunnels. The Polyester Fibre is applied as an inlay into the Impermea® Base Coat. Easy to apply and available in different sizes.

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